Alimentis S.r.l. was founded by a family of business people with specific and consolidated experience in the field of catering supplies, promoting itself as a dynamic, flexible and efficient structure, always attentive to the needs of the consumer and the market trends.

Through partnerships with professionals in the field such as chefs, hotel owners, pizza chefs and bartenders, the company offers quality products and services through productive innovation, research, strict quality controls and solutions able to satisfy every kind of customer.

With its three production and distribution sites in Italy, Alimentis is also a team of logistics professionals able to guarantee efficiency and punctuality of deliveries. Our vehicles are on the roads every day both in Italy and in Europe to reach any customer quickly.

Consistent quality ensured through strict controls in the various production stages; the choice of raw materials and the application of meticulous hygiene regulations are the foundations to maintain the high security of the supplies.

Antica Riseria Tarantola

The best varieties of rice coming from the best cultivated areas are worked with the highest care through the joint use of ancient methods and an advanced technology. This assures that its organoleptic properties remain untouched.We produce the following varieties of rice: Carnaroli, Arborio, Roma, Baldo, Padano, Ribe, Balilla, Loto, Drago, Ariente, Tahi Bonet, Violone Nano, Ribe parboiled

Antimo Caputo

Antimo Caputo are an authentic Italian family company, now in the third generation of leadership. Antimo Caputo have grown and become the leading brand of “00” flour in Italy and the United States thanks to an unwavering commitment to the great milling traditions of Naples, the latest technology and techniques, and over 89 years of experience. These values can be recognized in the wide range of flours Antimo Caputo make for pizza, pasta and sweet dough professionals: with each kind of flour specifically crafted for different needs.


Attianese’s main plant is located in Nocera Superiore, province of Salerno, covering an area of 50,000 sqare metres. Here we produce tomato paste, chopped tomates and sauces for pizza. We have another factory, 30,000 square meters in size, where we produce peeled tomatoes in large foodservice sizes that are destined for catering. Finally, in our last facility, with a surface covering 15,000 square meters, we produce a wide range of legumes for both retail and foodservice needs.


Azaconsa was founded in 1870 as a traditional saffron and condiment business, and the company currently manufactures and packages food products. For three generations, and under the leadership of the members and descendants of the founding families, Azaconsa has been driven by the highest standards of quality and good service.


Historically established in Margeride, Borde plays an important economic role in local life. This small company is established in a large number of foreign markets and has introduced new production facilities and adapted to changes in its competitive environment.

Café Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano, an ancient piedmont coffee-maker, has been led by the vergnano family for four generations, looking towards the future focussing on creativity, innovation and quality.

Capital Rice Co.

The company’s rice business had grown up so much by 1977 that the Capital Rice Co., Ltd.
Was formed to handle it.Thus the nucleus of the group was formed,its name taken from the initials of its two founding companies –ST for Sang Thai Bangpakong and C for Capital Rice.
The STC Group was born.Since then Capital Rice has expanded steadily until today it is one of the largest rice exporters in Thailand.

Cattabriga & Iceteam

First and foremost, and a true cornerstone for the entire project, there is CATTABRIGA brand. In 1927 a talented Italian engineer, Otello Cattabriga, patented a mechanical system to make Italian style gelato. The system actually imitated the “Stir & Stick” movement of Italian gelato makers of his time.


Chee Seng Oil Factory Pte Ltd grew our roots in 1943, when Mr Lim Tai Tin began producing edible coconut oil as edible oil was scarce during the Japanese Occupation. In 1956, he switched from coconut oil to sesame oil production and the rest, as they say, was history.

Dalter Formaggi

Founded in 1978, by a group of Italian entrepreneurs from the Emilia Region with specific experience in the sector of packaging and of Parmesan Cheese cheese, Dalter Alimentari is now a leading company in the sector of packaging grated cheese and fresh cut cheese portions for the channel and for the food industry.

Deas Olives

DEAS SA, a family owned company founded in 1989. The processing – selling of olives started in middle 60’s selling moderately the family’s olives but due to the constant development today DEAS SA is a 100% exporting company with exports to more than 50 countries around the world.We are dealingand specializing in every type of olive.


Since it was founded in 1920, Debic has become the reference brand in dairy products for bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, chefs and caterers. And this is no coincidence. We simply love everything to do with dairy. Debic manages the entire dairy chain – from milk production to the finished product and all the links in between. Not only is dairy in our DNA, it is our DNA.


Domogel is part of a corporate group that has been dealing with Polystyrene for 45 years. We produce and trade containers and accessories for High quality ice-cream. Domogel stands out on local and international market not only for its quality and specialization in Polystyrene containers but also for its wide assortment, ideal to match all various needs of price and style.



GEMM also now offers a comprehensive range of ambient units for food preparation and, by leveraging the expertise
of its design team, can custom-design special units to meet the individual client’s specific set of requirements.

Gi Metal

One single philosophy lies behind two different production activities: pizza accessories and catering trolleys.
Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses: for professional and recreational use alike, for those who make and serve pizza and those who handle foodstuffs, kitchenware and food courses in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms.

Gruppo Mancinelli


LAPED is an italian company, worldwide leader in the transformation of sugar-made into semi-finished products for pastry-shops, laboratories and confectionery industries.



Mc Dougalls

Founded in 1987 Oak Exports Ltd
has grown to become one of the UK’s largest consolidators of non perishable food products. We have
a UK based sales team of six highly experienced market development personnel with a combined track record of over 75 years in the international grocery business.

Morello Forni

“MORELLO FORNI” imposed own spread as undebated leader for quality and details care in professional oven contruction, wood, gas and mix types, both static and turning-bedplate too, destined to pizzerias, restaurants and baker’s shops.

Negri Srl

In 1991, Negri took its first steps in Campitello, near Mantua, in the Po Valley, whose name derives from the Po, the big river that runs through it. The company immediately acquired a relevant position in the national and international markets for the production of Bio-Shredders; garden equipment the firm has some exclusive patent of.


The Oilio brand represents the highest possibe standards in edible oils with all the benefits of an extensive products range and the very best levels of service. In pursuit of these aims, countless innovations have taken place and continue to do so, in a constant process of development. For rapid growth experienced, Oilio carefully relies on its extensive knowledge and broad experience to stay ahead of the market.


We have the latest generation in cold storage chambers for conserving our raw materials and finished products extending over 5,000 cubic metres, in addition to paprika and spice milling lines, a packaging plant for the catering industry, glass jar bottling plants, and several types of bag packaging equipment.

Pascolo Verde

La “Il Pascolo Verde S.r.l.” è una società che opera da ormai più di un decennio nell’ambito della commercializzazione di prodotti alimentari destinate a ristoranti, pizzerie, strutture ricettive, dettaglianti alimentari, bar, catering, ossia quel comparto definito e classificato come settore Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café).


PreGel is the largest European company in the production of artisan ice creams for gelaterias. Originally established in 1967, the company has been constantly working at creating new and exciting technology and tastes including innovative products like Yoggi, the first product for yoghurt ice cream, Zabaione, the first Stracciatella and Tiramisu paste, Fior Panna, fruit bases and other ground breaking flavours.


Our ducklings are exclusively males of the Mulard variety, hatched by us. They are all of 100% French origin. Our ducklings are raised on free-range farms in the west and south-west of France. We produce their feed in our own facility, on the basis of grain and especially maize. We guarantee a feed consisting of 100% vegetables, minerals and vitamins (the use animal meal was eliminated in 1997).

Siciliana Cannoli

With the constant aim of reconciling automated production with traditional quality and freshness, the watchword of recent decades has therefore been innovation. It is thanks to the dynamism of this department that has resulted in hardware and machinery that are unique in their kind, waiting to be patented due to their singularity.


SOSA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ingredients for modern gastronomy and their products are used by top chefs, patissiers and chocolatiers around the globe.


We present the Texturas line of products, essential for you to be able to incorporate some of our best-known techniques to your kitchen, such as hot gelatins, airs, melon caviar or spherical ravioli.


Valrhona is a French manufacturer of chocolate based in Tain l’Hermitage, a small town near Lyon. The company has been established since 1922, cultivating its passion for excellence in the cocoa industry – growing, selecting and blending fine cocoa beans for that unique taste. The company’s vocation is to seek plantations to create and enhance authentic intensely-flavoured chocolates.


Wega was established in 1985 as an italian company with the goal of manufacturing and distributing high quality commercial espresso machines.